Jealous Hog Farmer Accused of Murdering His Cheating Wife With a Corn Rake

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A Jury Has Been Seated For The Murder Trial Of Hog Farmer Todd Michael Mullins

A very prominent Iowa hog farmer will be trying to prove he didn’t kill his 39 year old wife on November 10th, 2018. An all white jury of 7 men and 7 women were seated on Monday, in Dubuque, Iowa.

The jury of 12 people two alternatives will listen to opening arguments by the state and the defense on Tuesday. The trial location was changed to Dubuque, from Earlville, where the crime allegedly took place. The lawyers for the defendant, Todd Mullis, 43, argued he could not get a fair trial in Earlville because of pretrial publicity.

A change of venue is rarely granted but the judge in this case granted the request, Dubuque is 80 miles from Earlville. Mullis is accused of killing his wife, Amy Lynn Mullis with a corn rake. The couple’s 13 year old son, found his mother with the rake impaled in her. Mullis claims that his wife fell on the rake and it was an accident, he pulled the rake out, and drove her to the hospital.

The Couple’s 14 Year Old Son Will Testify Against His Father

The state of Iowa claims the motive for the murder was jealousy, they say Amy was caught for a second time having an affair. The couple had been married since 2004 and have three children. The oldest now 14 will testify against his father for the state.

To protect the child, he will testify in another room in the courthouse via Skype, so he is not intimated by his father sources say. Court TV will be covering the trial live each day. The three minor children are now living with relatives of their mother Amy. Some friends of Amy’s will be testifying the state against Todd.

Friends have told police that Amy was very scared of Todd, and was planning on leaving him. Friends of Amy’s gave her the nickname of ‘POT’ prisoner of Todd. Mr. Mullis was interviewed by police the day of the incident and admitted that ‘his trust was shattered due to the affairs’. However he said his marriage was very solid and the couple were working through their problems.

State Says Hog Farmer Killed His Wife So She Wouldn’t Get Half Of His Wealth In The Event Of Divorce

Mullis is said to have a lucrative hog farm in Earlville, and the family has been in the hog farming business for decades. The state says that Mullis was concerned a divorce would wipe him out financially.

Mullis was arrested in February of 2019 and charged with first degree pre-mediated murder. Mullis Investigators say Amy had six puncture wounds on her back, and in two places. The wounds are not consistent with an accident from a corn rake.

Forensic searches of Mullis computer show searches for ‘how to kill your wife, and unfaithful women’. Mullins has been held on a 5 million dollar cash only bond. He offered to pay a million dollars in cash for bail, but the judge denied the request.


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