Lily Mae Avant- 10yr Old Girl Dies From Rare Brain Eating Disease


A Ten Year Old Texas Girl Is Dead After Contracting A Rare Brian Eating Disease

The family of Lily Mae Avant is mourning the loss of the ten year girl from Bosque County, Texas. Avant contracted a very rare form of a brain-eating amoeba. Avant spent Labor Day with her family at a man-made river.

Medical officials in Bosque County, said Avant contracted the amoeba while swimming in the river. The little girl has been fighting for her life since she was admitted to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Doctors at Cook Medical said they had been treating Avant’s brain infection, which was caused by ‘Naegleria fowleri‘.

The disease is transmitted when swimming in bodies of water like, ponds, lakes and rivers. Lily first started to not feel well on Sunday September 8. This virus is a single celled living organism that is commonly found in fresh water.

Lily’s family said that the girl complained of a bad headache on Sunday September 8th. Shortly after Lily first complained, her mother took her temperature and Lily did have a fever.

At First Lily’s Family Thought She Had A Common Virus

The family of Lily said that after she complained of a headache, and she had become febrile, they thought it could be virus. They said it seemed different than a common infection, and felt she should see a doctor.

The family doctor prescribed ibuprofen, and told her mother to make sure she stayed hydrated. Lily started to experience screaming nightmares, and her parents took her to the local emergency room. After she was examined by doctors, they started treatment for bacterial and viral meningitis.

She was then airlifted to Cook Children’s Medical Center. Once arriving at the Forth Worth hospital, Lily was given a spinal tap. It was quickly determined that Lily contracted the very rare form of the brain eating amoeba. The family were told it’s a very rare condition, that has a very high mortality rate.

When Lily was first taken to the ER, she was incoherent and unresponsive, the family said her condition started to quickly deteriorate. Lily was treated with the only known medication to possibly have an affect on the amoeba, an antimicrobial. They were hopeful the medication would work, and asked friends and family to pray for Lily.

Lily Avant Died Early Monday Morning

The Texas Department of State Health verified on Monday that a resident of Bosque County, died from the brain-eating amoeba. The health department said a person can contract Naegleria fowleri if they get untreated water in their nose.

The health department said ‘this water in the nose occurs’ when people swim in water, or other water activities. The Health Department also advised that this type of amoeba is found in untreated bodies of water. It’s common in the Southern part of the United States, but health officials say, it’s extremely rare. A health department official Chris Van Deusen, said the virus is very rare, there has only been one other case in Texas.


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