Mullis Found Guilty of Murdering Wife With Corn Rake


Mullis Iowa Hog Farmer Guilty Of First Degree Murder

A jury in Dubuque, Iowa came back on Monday, and delivered their verdict in the first degree murder trial of hog farmer Todd Mullins,43. The jury started to deliberate on Friday, they were sent home for the weekend on Friday afternoon.

The jury assembled Monday morning, and the 12 jury members found Mullis guilty of murdering his 39 year-old- wife, Amy Mullins in November of 2018. Mullis attacked his wife with a corn rake, the state claimed.

Mullis pleaded his wife fell onto the rake, the coroner ruled that the wounds Amy suffered were inconsistent with an accident. She had two different wounds from the rake. Mullis was on the family farm with Amy and their 13 year old son Tristen Mullis.

It was the son that found his mother impaled with the rake. The son who is now 14 was the first witness the state called. In a rare move, Todd Mullis took the stand in his defense on Thursday and Friday. One of the points the state used to claim Mullis killed his wife was incriminating google searches on his iPad. Search as ‘signs your wife is cheating’, and ‘punishing a cheating wife.

Todd Mullis Said Other People Had Access To His iPad & He Didn’t Look Up Those Things

Todd claimed on the stand that other family members had access to his iPad, he denied he looked up any of the incriminating searches. The state prosecutor Maureen Hughes said, “he butchered his wife, and told his 13 year old son to go to the barn”.

A red barn on the family farm in Earlville, Iowa was where Amy’s body was found with the corn rake impaled in her back. Tristen called for his father when he found his mother, and together they loaded her lifeless body in a truck. The two drove her to a hosptial, with Todd calling 911 in route to the hospital.

A 911 operator instructed Mullis to pull over and start CPR. An ambulance arrived and transported Amy Mullis to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Mullis was arrested three months after the murder in February of 2019, and has been held unable to make his 5 million dollar cash only bond.

Attorney Gerald Fuerhelm Said Amy Was Murdered But Not By Her Husband

Amy Mullis a former nurse, was actively having an affair with one of Todd’s associates, Jerry Frasher,43. Frasher testified that he and wife Christi Frasher were both confronted by Todd about the affair.

Amy and Jerry both denied the affair to Todd. Although Jerry confirmed on the stand he was still having an affair with Amy until the time of her death. The state claimed Jerry was afraid of losing his farm in a divorce, and was humiliated by Amy’s cheating. This was the second time she was unfaithful.

Mullis faces a sentence of life behind bars, without the possibility of parole.


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