Juul Replaces Former CEO With Tobacco Executive as Death Tolls Climb


The CEO Of JUUL Steps Down As Vaping Deaths Continue To Rise

There are now 10 confirmed deaths attributed to the use of vaping various e-cigarette products. There are over 600 reported cases of lung disease that is directly tied to using vaping products.

Juul Labs, one of the largest makers of flavored vape products, very popular with teenagers’ had a huge shake up on Wednesday. The CEO of Juul Kevin Burns resigned his position effective immediately.

The entire vaping industry is in a world wide panic, once thought to be the alternative to traditional cigarettes, now the future unclear. There are now state wide bans of vaping products, and the Burns resignation came after a flurry of ’emergency meetings’ this week.

Burns has been replaced with K.C. Crosthwaite, who was formally with ‘Altria’ the cigarette giant. Altria, bought 35% of Juul shares, costing 12.8 billion in December of 2018. A source familiar with the new CEO said, it seemed like a ‘predictable fit’.

There was another telling indicator of how fragile things are now, that also occurred on Wednesday. Phillip Morris International, said that after ‘careful consideration they have decided not to complete a planned merger with Altria’.

The Trump Administration Has Pulled All Youth Targeted Vape Products Off The Market

The Trump Administration (TA) announced this week all vaping products targeted for people under 18, will be pulled from the market. The TA made it clear the decision to pull these products was temporary for now, until a report by the FDA is complete.

Some states have decided not to wait until the federal investigation in concluded. Michigan was the first state to enact a state wide ban of all vaping products. The ban took effect in early September for Michigan after a lot of back and forth.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an emergency ban on all nicotine vaping products online or in retail stores. She also said that when, and if the vaping products are available in Michigan, certain words, like, ‘safe, healthy, and clean’ will be forbidden to be used for marketing purposes.

On September 17, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York ordered an emergency ban on all vaping products in New York. Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts ordered a similar ban on September 24, citing ‘a health crisis’ as the reason. Baker said, there have been several lung disease cases reported in his state, with ‘no end in sight‘.

Rhode Island Called Vaping A ‘Public Health Crisis’ & Also Enacted A Ban

Gina Raimondo the Governor of Rhode Island enacted a state wide ban of all vaping products the day after Massachusetts did. Raimondo called vaping ‘a public health crisis affecting our youth’.

All of these bans are temporary, they last for 90 to 120 days, but can be extended for another six months by executive order. Raimondo said she is also convening a team of medical experts, to advise her and her administration on the best course of action moving forward.

The Governor of California Gavin Newsom advised all Californians to stop vaping immediately. Newsom said on Wednesday that he intended to enact a state wide ban of all vaping products in the coming days. San Francisco the city where Juul is based, enacted a city wide ban of all vaping products earlier this summer.


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