The Deadly Mosquito Virus That Is Killing 1/3 Of The People Who Contract It: Eastern Equine Encephalitis


Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Everything Known About The Virus Thus Far

EEE is the deadly virus that mosquitoes carry and is transmitted from person to person. There are already 8 known deaths from this virus, health officials are warning there could be more.

There have between five to 10 cases of it in humans reported. According to the Center For Disease Control, (CDC) 30% of the people that diagnosed with EEE die from it. Others that have it and survive suffer from life long health issues.

The EEE comes from mosquitoes that have a disease called EEEV, this can cause a human brain to be inflamed. The CDC stresses that this disease is extremely rare, however if someone gets it, it can turn deadly. People that work outside, like farmers are most susceptible to catching it.

Birds that that are known to visit fresh waters can also carry the virus, but it’s the birds that transmit it to mosquitoes who pass it on to humans. There have been cases diagnosed in six different sates.

In Years Past EEE Was Seen In Connecticut Or Rhode Island, This Year It’s Spreading To Other States

The CDC also says that the full extent of the virus is not yet known, others could have been exposed to the virus, and are not yet showing symptoms, Sometimes he says the symptoms from EEE can be falsely attributed to other illnesses.

The state of Massachusetts has had three people die from the virus. There are several of other residents of the state that have been diagnosed with the virus. The CDC released a map showing that from 2009 to 2018, all the reported cases of EEE were in fact reported in the Eastern part of the United States.

There was one case that was reported in Montana, experts believe if no advances are made, it could be present in every state. The CDC advises that it’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of EEE infection. Some of the symptoms with EEE, chills, body aches, fever, severe headaches, vomiting, diarrhea.

The virus lasts about 2 weeks, and leaves survivors with life long issues. The issues are seizures and brain impairment, memory loss, and other brain function issues. The common time period of having symptoms after being bit by an infected mosquito is four to ten days.

The Chances Of Getting Infected After The First Frost Are Slim

Some good news for people like farmers and others that work outside, is that as soon as the first frost occurs, the chances of infection are slim to none. The CDC says anyone that works outside before the first frost should spray bug repellent on all exposed skin.

The spray that is most effective for repelling mosquitoes are sprays that contain DEET. The bad news says the CDC is that there is no vaccine or cure for EEE. If symptoms appear, doctors can treat the symptoms but not cure the virus.

The CDC urges all those on the East Coast that work outside to do anything and everything to prevent being bitten by a mosquito. Since mosquitoes like to be in standing water, pools, and puddles, the CDC says to remove any and all standing water from properties.


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