Caring For Your Container Lemon Tree

Container Lemon Tree

Container lemon tree care can be crucial to the survival, and overall production of fruit. Lemon trees are known for enjoying warmer climates, but this should not stop you from growing them. Here we will discuss the best practices for keeping your tree healthy, and happy.

Things to consider with container lemon trees

  • Lemon trees prefer warmer temperatures
  • Night time temperatures should never reach lower than 50F
  • Type of container should have drainage points
  • Container lemon trees prefer well drained soil, and plenty of water
  • Your container soil should never feel dry to the touch
  • Good quality soil with proper pH 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Lemon trees LOVE sunshine

A closer look 

Plenty of sunshine and warmth will keep your container lemon tree as happy as possible. There is a such thing as too much sunshine, be mindful of this. 

Fertilizer can help with fruit production, it is best to use good quality organic fertilizers on your lemon tree at least twice a year.  There are a wide range of products out there, so make sure to research quality and trusted brands (compost also works GREAT!). 

Drainage is one of the most important topics to remember. Adding a couple inches of gravel or rock to your container will increase drainage quality substantially. You can use fillers such as perlite or other mediums, but they will not out perform rock.

Watering your container lemon tree should occur every couple days. Feel the soil with your hand- if it is not soft and moist to the touch, then it is too dry. 

Weather patterns, and seasonal changes should be evaluated and tracked. Tracking weather changes will improve your odds of saving your tree from a frost, or from strong winds that could otherwise damage it. 

Closing remarks

Daily or at the very least- weekly care should be addressed with your container lemon tree. If your tree is happy, you will know it! Some times it is okay to let the tree stress a little, this will promote the tree to grow a larger bounty of fruit. Keep in mind that when intentionally stressing a tree, to keep a close eye on how far you push. Lemon trees can produce fruit twice a season, once in the spring and again in the fall. Fertilizing during the spring and fall are the best times to give your lemon tree a boost while it is starting to grow fruit. 


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