Thursday, September 19, 2019
annual crop tour

Tensions Fly High During Annual Crop Tour

The USDA decided on Wednesday to pull their staff off of an annual crop tour, after an employee was threatened. A source said the threat was made by

U.S. & Mexico Agree To End Tariff

Mexico and the United States have put an end to a four month long tit for tat regarding tomato tariffs. The United States has agreed to avoid an

Suicides On The Rise In Areas Devastated By Flooding

Sanger said many of her fellow business people and home owners in the area are dealing with terrible hardships. She said many are off seeking

U.S. Beef Traders Have Prosperous Day

Some good news in the stock market for U.S. Beef dealers on Tuesday. Cattle futures closed high for a second session on Tuesday. Analysts are saying the demand for beef is way up heading into

Trump Wants It Known That Struggling Farmers Will Continue To Receive...

President Trump has made a commitment to U.S. Farmers in need, he said he's not concerned about the 'games China is playing.' He has the backing of the Senate and he will continue with aid to U.S. farmers throughout 2020 and beyond if needed