U.S. Dairy Sales On The Rise As We Cut China From The Equation

Great news for U.S. Dairy Farmers as we cut out China

Important Things To Know About The Toxic Hogweed Plant

Toxic Hogweed
It is determined that hogweed has been spreading across the state of New York, and many other states, it can be extremely dangerous and is extremely toxic. The DEC believes it's very important for people to understand what hogweed is, and how to avoid it.

Bigger Is Better Say Some U.S. Farmers

bigger farms
Extreme weather events, and trade wars, have forced many farms to go under. Still other farmers have been forced to retire early and file bankruptcy. There were 12,800 less farms in 2018 with the number of farms being 2,029 million total. This is a very small number of farms operating compared to

Brothers Go Missing After Travelling to Secure Farm Deal

brothers missing
A puzzling case in Missouri is unfolding, as authorities search for the bodies of two brothers. Farmers Nichols Diemel,35, and his 24 year old brother Justin Diemel have been listed as missing.

Federal Aid Money Now Available For Farmers Affected By Hurricane Michael

Farmers in Georgia are saying 'better late than never' as news broke that federal aid money is on it's way. Almost a year after Hurricane Michael devastated Georgia farmers, there is some