Thursday, September 19, 2019

Federal Aid Money Now Available For Farmers Affected By Hurricane Michael

Farmers in Georgia are saying 'better late than never' as news broke that federal aid money is on it's way. Almost a year after Hurricane Michael devastated Georgia farmers, there is some
badge sc

Badge SC- Investigators Close Case On Mysterious Sickness

Investigators from the state agriculture department were tasked with finding out what exactly made

Beef Prices Reach Record High After Tyson Slaughterhouse Fire

A Tyson Foods Inc. slaughterhouse went up in flames on August 10 shuttering the plant completely. There have been worries ever since of a hamburger and steak shortage

Virginia Captures Much Needed AG Grant

Governor Ralph Northam cheerfully revealed the announcement of the grant at a ''Growth and Opportunity for Virginia' meeting this week. Northam said that the grant is 'much appreciated, and will be used to continue to promote diversity state-wide. The governor also talked about the hardships that farmers in Virginia have been dealing with, he mentioned
corn fields

U.S. Corn Fields Showing Some Signs Of Improvement As Summer Nears...

Experts in the middle of a crop tour said that corn fields are showing some signs of improvement after the historic rainfall. Participants on the tour gave