Corn Crops Will Be Decreased By 34% This Year USDA Projections Ohio

corn crops
This last year has been very difficult for farmers across the country. With natural disasters wrecking havoc on growing seasons, Ohio has been dramatically affected. On Saturday the USDA announced that they believe Ohio's corn crops will see

Wolves Strike- Farmers Caught Off Guard

Only one sheep survived the attack, other smaller animals on the farm were also injured. Wildlife biologist with the USDA Dan Hirchert said that the farmer would receive compensation for the lost sheep. Due to the fact that wolves are considered endangered species, farmers are not allowed to

New Bipartisan Proposals Designed To Help Struggling Farmers

Experts say the bill has a good chance of clearing the Senate and get approved. The reason being all sides of the aisle worked on the proposals. It has equal support among both parties. The number of

Woman Dies after Being Attacked In Friends Garden

rattlesnake attack
Family members said Meredith, an avid gardener was helping her friend with her garden when the rattlesnake,appeared out of nowhere' and bit Meredith.

U.S. & Mexico Agree To End Tariff

Mexico and the United States have put an end to a four month long tit for tat regarding tomato tariffs. The United States has agreed to avoid an