U.S. & Mexico Agree To End Tariff

Mexico and the United States have put an end to a four month long tit for tat regarding tomato tariffs. The United States has agreed to avoid an

CBD-GOP Pushes for Credit Access

Republican Congressman Makes An Argument For Credit Access For CBD Companies CBD Businesses Struggle To Gain Access To Credit Card Payments Although CBD is the fasting growing industry in the US, sellers are still struggling...

West Virginians- Turning Coal into Honey Money

Coal into honey- how West Virginia is pulling out of their workforce slump
In this edition we discuss the hardships of West Virginia, and how they are turning coal into honey. The steady decline in the coal sector has left states like West Virginia in a slump for workforce. For instance in 1990 there were...

Mega Meat Producer Smithfield Foods Jumps On Bandwagon

smithfield foods
Smithfield announced late Monday they too are on board to capture some of those dollars. The company announced a line of soy based meat alternative food items, that include

Ticks Invading The Southern Border Pose Huge Challenge for Cattle Industry

Heading up the USDA team are Jorge Solis, and his agents, Rene Menoz and Carlos Salinas, The team takes pride in their work, because in their words, 'it's critical.' The men illustrated how their daily work activities unfold