Wisconsin Farmers Weigh Options As Hemp Industry Booms

Wisconsin Farmers look to hemp industry
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Consumer Trade and Commission Protection doled out 1300 licenses to grow hemp. They report that amount is an increase from 2018 when there were 975 licenses granted.

Beef Price Fixing Scandal Has the Lid Blown Open

beef price fixing
Beef Price Fixing -US Department Of Agriculture (USDA) Launches Investigations Into Price Fixing following Tyson Fire

Livestock Futures Problematic Amidst Trade Wars

livestock futures
There was a mixed day of trading on the CME on Thursday, as a shortage of cash trading was evident. The absence of cash trading prompted the selling off of

Brothers Go Missing After Travelling to Secure Farm Deal

brothers missing
A puzzling case in Missouri is unfolding, as authorities search for the bodies of two brothers. Farmers Nichols Diemel,35, and his 24 year old brother Justin Diemel have been listed as missing.

CBD-GOP Pushes for Credit Access

Republican Congressman Makes An Argument For Credit Access For CBD Companies CBD Businesses Struggle To Gain Access To Credit Card Payments Although CBD is the fasting growing industry in the US, sellers are still struggling...