Trump Wants It Known That Struggling Farmers Will Continue To Receive Aid Indefinitely

President Trump has made a commitment to U.S. Farmers in need, he said he's not concerned about the 'games China is playing.' He has the backing of the Senate and he will continue with aid to U.S. farmers throughout 2020 and beyond if needed

Beef Prices Reach Record High After Tyson Slaughterhouse Fire

A Tyson Foods Inc. slaughterhouse went up in flames on August 10 shuttering the plant completely. There have been worries ever since of a hamburger and steak shortage

Mega Meat Producer Smithfield Foods Jumps On Bandwagon

smithfield foods
Smithfield announced late Monday they too are on board to capture some of those dollars. The company announced a line of soy based meat alternative food items, that include

Badge SC- Investigators Close Case On Mysterious Sickness

badge sc
Investigators from the state agriculture department were tasked with finding out what exactly made

Senator Chuck Grassley In Agreement With President Trump On China Tariffs

Grassley says he will not be advising the President to modify his stance on the current issues with trade with China. Grassley attended the Iowa State Farm over the weekend and encountered