Beef Prices Reach Record High After Tyson Slaughterhouse Fire

A Tyson Foods Inc. slaughterhouse went up in flames on August 10 shuttering the plant completely. There have been worries ever since of a hamburger and steak shortage

Ticks Invading The Southern Border Pose Huge Challenge for Cattle Industry

Heading up the USDA team are Jorge Solis, and his agents, Rene Menoz and Carlos Salinas, The team takes pride in their work, because in their words, 'it's critical.' The men illustrated how their daily work activities unfold

U.S. Corn Fields Showing Some Signs Of Improvement As Summer Nears To An End

corn fields
Experts in the middle of a crop tour said that corn fields are showing some signs of improvement after the historic rainfall. Participants on the tour gave

Suicides On The Rise In Areas Devastated By Flooding

Sanger said many of her fellow business people and home owners in the area are dealing with terrible hardships. She said many are off seeking

Badge SC- Investigators Close Case On Mysterious Sickness

badge sc
Investigators from the state agriculture department were tasked with finding out what exactly made