Virginia Captures Much Needed AG Grant

Governor Ralph Northam cheerfully revealed the announcement of the grant at a ''Growth and Opportunity for Virginia' meeting this week. Northam said that the grant is 'much appreciated, and will be used to continue to promote diversity state-wide. The governor also talked about the hardships that farmers in Virginia have been dealing with, he mentioned

Tensions Fly High During Annual Crop Tour

annual crop tour
The USDA decided on Wednesday to pull their staff off of an annual crop tour, after an employee was threatened. A source said the threat was made by

Woman Dies after Being Attacked In Friends Garden

rattlesnake attack
Family members said Meredith, an avid gardener was helping her friend with her garden when the rattlesnake,appeared out of nowhere' and bit Meredith.

U.S. & Mexico Agree To End Tariff

Mexico and the United States have put an end to a four month long tit for tat regarding tomato tariffs. The United States has agreed to avoid an

Trump Wants It Known That Struggling Farmers Will Continue To Receive Aid Indefinitely

President Trump has made a commitment to U.S. Farmers in need, he said he's not concerned about the 'games China is playing.' He has the backing of the Senate and he will continue with aid to U.S. farmers throughout 2020 and beyond if needed