Flood Rains Of 2019 May Bring Much Needed Positive Results For US Farmers

Rain and floods May Bring Good News For Corn Farmers In 2020 Says Fertilizer Company The Canadian fertilizer company Nutrien believes that after a year plagued by torrential rain, farmers will make a comeback in 2020. The...

Virginia Captures Much Needed AG Grant

Governor Ralph Northam cheerfully revealed the announcement of the grant at a ''Growth and Opportunity for Virginia' meeting this week. Northam said that the grant is 'much appreciated, and will be used to continue to promote diversity state-wide. The governor also talked about the hardships that farmers in Virginia have been dealing with, he mentioned

Badge SC- Investigators Close Case On Mysterious Sickness

badge sc
Investigators from the state agriculture department were tasked with finding out what exactly made

Crushing Blow To U.S Farmers As China Stops ALL U.S. Agriculture Products

U.S. agriculture
China Stops All Purchases Of U.S. Agriculture Products As Trade Wars Rage On Just as there was a little positive news coming from China regarding planned U.S. China negotiations, China threw a wrench into that.

Reports of Heartland and Bourbon Virus Increase

Heartland and Bourbon Virus
Thе Centers fоr Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that it has identified the mysterious virus that killеd a mаn in Kansas lаѕt ѕрring. Dubbed the Bourbon Virus—after itѕ location in Bourbon County, Kаnѕаѕ—it iѕ an RNA virus in the genus Thоgоtоvirus, according tо the researchers who identified the