14 Year Old Girl Killed During Tragic Accident in Glacier National Park

girl killed
A Utah family is mourning after their family vacation turned into a nightmare this week. The family was on the last stretch of their family vacation when

[VIDEO] You Wont Believe What This Flight Attendant Has To Say

A Southwest Flight Attendant gave her own unique twist to an otherwise mundane safety speech. The passengers were

Mullis Found Guilty of Murdering Wife With Corn Rake

A jury in Dubuque, Iowa came back on Monday, and delivered their verdict in the first degree murder trial of hog farmer Todd Mullins,43. The jury started

Swarm of Bees Attack -Several Hospitalized and 1 Dead

bee attack
A 73 year old man was in a group of people, who were cleaning up scrap materials near Atkins Farm Road. The incident happened in Cochise County, when the group were attacked by

6 Confirmed Deaths Linked to Vaping

The CDC is warning people to stop using e-cigarette products, as they continue to investigate the cause of 'Vape lung'. There have been six confirmed deaths directly attributed to