Thursday, September 19, 2019
toxic algae

Toxic Algae Is Taking The Lives of Dogs Across The Country

A deadly strain of algae that lives in water has been blamed for the deaths of dogs in the South and Southwest. Last Wednesday a dog became ill after
Farmed Salmon now linked to carcinogenic compounds

Salmon- Experts Warn: One of the Most TOXIC Foods

Recent studies now show that farmed Salmon contains several organic contaminates including dioxin. Equally important, farmed salmon equates to over half of...

3 Dead, and 2 Injured During Cliff Collapse

One person was found dead in the ruble, and two others found were transported to hospital where they died. The incident happened on the popular Grandview Surf Beach, in Leucadia, just outside of
great white

Horrendous Scene Unfolds Along The Coastline

South Africa, has been dealing with Great White Sharks washing a shore dead. It's not necessarily the deaths that are causing alarm, but rather the manner in which the deaths are occurring

[VIDEO] You Wont Believe What This Flight Attendant Has To Say

A Southwest Flight Attendant gave her own unique twist to an otherwise mundane safety speech. The passengers were