Lily Mae Avant- 10yr Old Girl Dies From Rare Brain Eating Disease

The Texas Department of State Health verified on Monday that a resident of Bosque County, died from the brain-eating amoeba. The health department said a person can contract Naegleria fowleri if they

Blood Thirsty Squirrels Creating Havoc

here have been a rash of squirrel bites being reported at the Rockefeller Park Playground in Lower Manhattan. The 'Battery Park City Authority' is responsible for the safety at the park, and they have released a statement regarding the squirrels

Shark Infested Waters- 11 Great Whites Sharks Stalk Coastline

More and more shark events have occurred all around the country and the world. There have been more shark attacks with serious or fatal consequences. Tom King a shark expert from Scituate, Massachusetts, warns that 'this is the new normal.'

Earthquake Aftershocks Expected for California

Thursday's earthquake has been the first one in 20 years that has struck near a populated area. In 1999 a 7.1 earthquake struck in the desert area of Joshua Tree. In 2010 a 7.2 earthquake hit in a desolate area between the US and Mexico boarder.

3 Different Shark Attacks in the Same Weekend

Smyrna Beach, just got a new nickname, it's now called, “The Shark Capital Of The World'. It's not what the