1500 Cases of West Nile Virus

West Nile
Some people may think that the West Nile Virus is only an issue in some far off countries like

Amazon Rain Forest Continues To Burn As Fingers Are Being Pointed

Twenty Percent of the World's oxygen is currently on fire in the Amazon Rain forest of Brazil. President Macron of France urged his millions of followers on 'Twitter' to

9 Year Old Mauled to Death

A man in Detroit is behind bars, and being held on a $2 million dollar bond. Pierre Cleveland,33, was arrested and charged with

Startling Revelations After Diving Crew Visit The Titanic Wreckage For First Time In 14 Years

An exploration crew from 'Triton Submarines' made five different dives in eight days. The crew was assisted by the

Swine Flu Continues to Spread

swine flu
State health officials in the Philippines said on Monday that a crisis team has been formed to investigate the deaths of several pigs. According to officials several pigs have either died or been