Toxic Algae Is Taking The Lives of Dogs Across The Country

toxic algae
A deadly strain of algae that lives in water has been blamed for the deaths of dogs in the South and Southwest. Last Wednesday a dog became ill after

[VIDEO] You Wont Believe What This Flight Attendant Has To Say

A Southwest Flight Attendant gave her own unique twist to an otherwise mundane safety speech. The passengers were

Leaked Toxins and Multiple Dead- Citizens Fear Govt Cover Up

nuclear accident
Last week five nuclear scientist were killed after an explosion at a weapons research center in Siberia. Credible reports indicated the area that surrounded the center had

14 Year Old Girl Killed During Tragic Accident in Glacier National Park

girl killed
A Utah family is mourning after their family vacation turned into a nightmare this week. The family was on the last stretch of their family vacation when

Japan Gives The Green Light To Grow Human-Animal Hybrids

The Japanese Government Allows The University Of Tokyo To Engage In Odd Stem Cell Research There is a lot of controversy brewing in Japan after the government green lights controversial stem cell research. The research will allow...