Thursday, September 19, 2019
bee attack

Swarm of Bees Attack -Several Hospitalized and 1 Dead

A 73 year old man was in a group of people, who were cleaning up scrap materials near Atkins Farm Road. The incident happened in Cochise County, when the group were attacked by
hurricane season

Forecasters Predicting Very Active Hurricane Season

Meteorologists working with the government are predicting that hurricane season can arrive a little early this year.

3 Dead, and 2 Injured During Cliff Collapse

One person was found dead in the ruble, and two others found were transported to hospital where they died. The incident happened on the popular Grandview Surf Beach, in Leucadia, just outside of

3 Different Shark Attacks in the Same Weekend

Smyrna Beach, just got a new nickname, it's now called, “The Shark Capital Of The World'. It's not what the

Fisherman Catches An Enormous Albino Catfish Weighing in at

A British fisherman on vacation in Spain caught an Albino Catfish, weighing in at