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The Deadly Mosquito Virus That Is Killing 1/3 Of The People Who Contract It:...

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Everything Known About The Virus Thus Far EEE is the deadly virus that...

Juul Replaces Former CEO With Tobacco Executive as Death Tolls Climb

Juul Labs, one of the largest makers of flavored vape products, very popular with teenagers' had a huge shake up on Wednesday. The CEO of Juul Kevin Burns

Mullis Found Guilty of Murdering Wife With Corn Rake

A jury in Dubuque, Iowa came back on Monday, and delivered their verdict in the first degree murder trial of hog farmer Todd Mullins,43. The jury started
Vaping Deaths

There Are Now 8 Vaping Deaths Reported With No End In Sight

As lung disease caused by vaping grows to 530 cases, medical experts are scratching their heads to come with real viable answers. The amount of vape related illnesses reported this week has grown by
bigger farms

Bigger Is Better Say Some U.S. Farmers

Extreme weather events, and trade wars, have forced many farms to go under. Still other farmers have been forced to retire early and file bankruptcy. There were 12,800 less farms in 2018 with the number of farms being 2,029 million total. This is a very small number of farms operating compared to