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Bigger Is Better Say Some U.S. Farmers

Extreme weather events, and trade wars, have forced many farms to go under. Still other farmers have been forced to retire early and file bankruptcy. There were 12,800 less farms in 2018 with the number of farms being 2,029 million total. This is a very small number of farms operating compared to
hog farmer

Jealous Hog Farmer Accused of Murdering His Cheating Wife With a Corn Rake

Friends have told police that Amy was very scared of Todd, and was planning on leaving him. Friends of Amy's gave her the nickname of 'POT' prisoner of Todd. Mr. Mullis was interviewed by police the day of the incident and admitted that

Lily Mae Avant- 10yr Old Girl Dies From Rare Brain Eating Disease

The Texas Department of State Health verified on Monday that a resident of Bosque County, died from the brain-eating amoeba. The health department said a person can contract Naegleria fowleri if they
corn crops

Corn Crops Will Be Decreased By 34% This Year USDA Projections Ohio

This last year has been very difficult for farmers across the country. With natural disasters wrecking havoc on growing seasons, Ohio has been dramatically affected. On Saturday the USDA announced that they believe Ohio's corn crops will see

Mike Strain Fends off Challengers Ahead of Fall Elections

Republican DAL commissioner Dr. Mike Strain is on the campaign trail, ahead of the fall election. Dr. Strain, has been in office since 2008, and is a respected veterinarian in