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Rain Barrel

Using a Rain Barrel to Collect Rainwater for Your Garden

Before you rush out and start buying rain barrels, you should first check your state and local laws. For many years collecting rainwater was illegal in Colorado, but in 2016, HB-16-1005 passed allowing the collection of rainwater from roofs. However, the law limits you to two 55-gallon rain barrels or other containers that add up to 110 gallons. In all other states, the
DIY Drip irrigation system

Building Your Own Drip Irrigation System

Many gardeners believe drip irrigation to be far more effective than other forms of watering. In fact, it puts the water at the base of your plants where the roots can absorb it. Consequently, using a sprinkler wastes a lot of water because it limits the amount of water reaches the roots. Excess water on the leaves of some plants can cause fungi and other diseases leading to
17 Year Cicada Brood

17 Year Cicadas to Emerge in 2019

Magicicada, the specific variety of cicada, spend most of their lives underground feeding on the roots of deciduous trees. Roughly 1.5 million cicadas can emerge from one single acre of land. With staggering numbers like this, you can see why they are so destructive.
Sweet potato health benefits

Why Sweet Potatoes are so Amazing

Unlikе rеgulаr potatoes, whiсh grоw bеѕt whеn the ѕоil is сооl, sweet potatoes likе it hоt. They аrе tropical рlаntѕ that аrе...
How to care for aloe vera plants

Aloe Vera used as a Natural Remedy

Applied externally, aloe vera provides immediate relief for dermis burns, sunburn, skin irritations, minor scrapes and wounds. Aloe is also useful in soothing outbreaks of genital herpes, and psoriasis. The gel from the plant contains active compounds that decrease pain, and inflammation.