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6 Confirmed Deaths Linked to Vaping

The CDC is warning people to stop using e-cigarette products, as they continue to investigate the cause of 'Vape lung'. There have been six confirmed deaths directly attributed to

Woman Killed By Cock In Freak Accident

The woman who has not been identified due to the wishes of her family, was on her rural property in the Australia outback. The woman was in the backyard area to gather

New Bipartisan Proposals Designed To Help Struggling Farmers

Experts say the bill has a good chance of clearing the Senate and get approved. The reason being all sides of the aisle worked on the proposals. It has equal support among both parties. The number of

E. Coli : 2 Year Old Boy Dead After Contracting E. Coli At San...

A 2 year old boy is dead after he contracted the E coli bacteria after attending the San Diego State Fair. Health officials are saying that three other people who also attended the fair are ill. The precise point of the bacteria remains

Hurricane Dorian Is Expected To Land With A Big Bang

Hurricane Dorian has been upgraded to a category three storm, which is a dangerous hurricane. The entire state of Florida is preparing for what could be the most severe hurricane since